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Miss Jamaica 2009. - Kerrie Baylis


In the hot evening of 22.August, Jamaica got new diva, 20 years old Kerrie Baylis.
The contestants were all judged on beauty of face, figure, charm, personality and ability to converse. And while all 18 fulfilled the first two criteria, it was in the chit-chat segment where the top-10 contestants conversed with one of the hosts of the show, Paula-Anne Porter-Jones, that the unveiling of the winner began.

At the end of the chit-chat, the five remained smiling were the crowd favourites Keri-Ann Bridgewater, Stephanie Hazle, Kamila McDonald, Calee Scharschmidt along with Kerrie Baylis.

But, it was Baylis who had the full house cheering with her response to judge Imani Duncan's (another former MJW Queen) question: If she had the power, how would she solve the Jamaican economic crisis? Confidently, she replied in part, she would "cut down on agricultural import".

I personally expected browner contestant from Jamaica but Cavcasoid girls are probably there more exotic.


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