Bienvenue ! Let us present you the most divine people from every country that has both Mr and Miss elected. They all are winners of national contests and former or future participants of The World Contest. This site publishes new photos and articles about these candies. Enjoy watching them and feel free to write down your comments !

2009 Mr. Hong Kong contest was held last night. Under dog Jack Hui Ka Kit (7) scored the double, winning the title of Mr. Hong Kong as well as the winner for the mature group. 25 years old Jack Hui works as an auditor. Through out the contest, he has been the least noticeable contestant. Last night, he showed his dancing skill, which won him many votes from the judges. His Latin dance was outstanding and he got a big round of applaud from the ladies.
Jack was in tears in front of the camera after he won. He said he will miss the other 11 contestants. He reckoned it was his smile that had won him the title.

In the pictures below you can see former Miss and Mr 2008. Skye Chan and Francois Huynh.


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