Bienvenue ! Let us present you the most divine people from every country that has both Mr and Miss elected. They all are winners of national contests and former or future participants of The World Contest. This site publishes new photos and articles about these candies. Enjoy watching them and feel free to write down your comments !

Miss Brazil 2009. Luciana Reis Bertolini


- Luciana' s page

Ola !

Lucia or Lulu is new queen Brasil, country in which, on my opinion, any girl has potential to become one. She's my future colleague which means that she studies journalism which could surely bring her points in verbal part of the World Competiton.
Lu is, according to her date of birth ( 30/03/1985 ),among the oldest participants.
From all parts of her body she likes her belly the most because she says that it's nicely defined.
On men she admires the most their smile and character.
One guy that she admires the most is Rodrigo Lombardi.Alinne Moraes is his woman pair in Lu's admiration.
Of music she listens to MPB in general.
Now my portuguese is weakening so I will let you translate the rest of the interview:

Uma dica para seduzir: Não costumo usar esse tipo de arma, não. Gosto de ser eu mesma
Um lugar para fazer amor: Costumo dizer que quem faz o lugar é a pessoa. O que importa são as pessoas
Perfume: Qualquer um que seja cítrico
Não vivo sem…: Sem fazer minhas orações
Uma frase: "Falsa liberdade aprisiona, a verdadeira liberdade impõe limites”

Miss & Mr Brazil 2008. - Tamara Almeida Silva and Vinicius Ribeiro


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