Bienvenue ! Let us present you the most divine people from every country that has both Mr and Miss elected. They all are winners of national contests and former or future participants of The World Contest. This site publishes new photos and articles about these candies. Enjoy watching them and feel free to write down your comments !

Miss Suriname 2009. Zoureena Rijger


Oh my dear ! This Carribean world is a complete chaos. Every country speaks different language in best case, cause many of them have more than on spoken. Suriname is of course part of that melting pot and it has population like Montenegro what made finding new infos about their aparticipant harder.
She is Zoureena Rijger, aged 18. Her prize for winning the contest was a new Mazda what is a treasure in country that has average daily income of 2 USD for person. Her biggest fan was her sister Cheryl who stimulated people to vote for her on the internet.


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