Bienvenue ! Let us present you the most divine people from every country that has both Mr and Miss elected. They all are winners of national contests and former or future participants of The World Contest. This site publishes new photos and articles about these candies. Enjoy watching them and feel free to write down your comments !

Miss Finland 2009. - Essi Poysti


Finland Miss 2009. is Essi Poysti. Read hor words from final night held yesterday.

"As a little girl I always loved the Miss World competitions. I'd even sit there with a pen and paper and mark them like a judge! LOL. I don't think there was EVER a time that I got it right. I remember vividly shouting at the television many times - 'but WHERE is Miss So-and-So?' who had been left on the shelf... Nice memories.. I loved all the glamour.

I was lucky enough, (many years ago) to win a beauty competition and was crowned Beaufort Queen, at my secondary school. I was in my third year of secondary. Great fun.. but that was as far as my beauty pageants ever went.. it wasn't really me. Fortunately I didn't have to do the swimsuit thing! Or I'd never have entered!"


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