Bienvenue ! Let us present you the most divine people from every country that has both Mr and Miss elected. They all are winners of national contests and former or future participants of The World Contest. This site publishes new photos and articles about these candies. Enjoy watching them and feel free to write down your comments !

Rachel 's                                                                                           Andreases

The World is beautiful. The most divine English woman Rachel Christie is litteraly sitting on the tron. Rachel, whose uncle Linford is Great Britain’s last 100m champion, says: “My ambition in life is to become a successful woman in whatever it is I choose to do. I want to win the Olympics – hopefully I will be entered for 2012.” She trains the heptathlon 6 times a week at the ( can you imagine ? )"Linford Christie Stadium with the supervision of guess which coach.
Angie Beasley, director of Miss England, said: “We have never had an athlete compete with us before. She is a very determined young woman and wants to achieve success in whatever she does.”

Were you missing guys on this site ? Lucky youngster above is new Mr England. He comes from Rugby but is a football ( soccer for USA politicaly correct citizens ) player. His origins are from Cyprus, he is young and surely unmarried. Would he win if Worcester candidate hadn't missed the Contest because of the car accident on the way to the Hall ?

Miss England 2008. Laura Coleman                                      Mr England 2008. Warren Harvey


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